Relax!! 3 Strategies to Ease Home-Buying Stress

Swans in Fairbanks AlaskaYou're panicked.  You can't sleep at night.  And you're a wee bit on edge.  If these are your symptoms, you have a classic case of House-Purchasing Anxiety.  And no wonder:  Obtaining a large mortgage is ranked as more stressful than having a child leave home or trouble with the boss.  So, how can you find some peace of mind?

Don't Get in Over Your Head.  Much of the worry felt by home buyers comes from buying a property that they can't afford.  To reassure yourself that you're making a smart move, use the mortgage calculator at our website, or talk with your favorite lender.

Choose Your Real Estate REALTOR Carefully.  It's their job to help you process the anxiety and work through any surprises that come up.  To determine if a real estate licensee will be a good match for you, ask these questions:  How many people have you helped to buy a home?  What do you do when a seller is difficult to work with?  How will you keep me calm through the process?  If their personality doesn't fit yours, find another licensee.

Have a Timeline.  Plotting out the steps to take - and when to take them - will decrease the chances that you'll be surprised by how much work is involved in buying a house.

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