Fairbanks Military Housing

Fairbanks, Alaska is a thriving, military-friendly state with quality schools, opportunity, jobs, great shopping and plenty of adventure.  It’s also a wonderful place to raise a family. The largest military presence in Fairbanks includes Eielson Air Force Base and Fort Wainwright Army Post.

Eielson Air Force Base has over 150 Officer and over 1,000 enlisted housing units. You can either rent on base or you can live off base. If you live off base, you can either rent or buy.  http://www.housing.af.mil/eielson/

Fort Wainwright has 1,513 sets of family housing quarters located on and off post,of which 100 units are Domestic Leases. Over 30% of Fort Wainwright families live off post.  http://usmilitary.about.com/od/armybaseprofiles/ss/wainwright_6.htm

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